You don’t know there are so many other USES for kitchen cloths, do you?

The kitchen 100 clean cloth that we use normally, not only can make the kitchen wash a dish to brush the clean cloth of pan, also have a lot of other USES at the same time, the friends that do not know, have a look.

1, the pincushion

Baijie cloth is a sponge cushion. When we do not know how to put the needle and thread used in our home, we can consider using Baijie cloth as a needle cushion. If the needle is stuck in the top, it will not fall off, and it is easier to take.

2, soap, soap pad

In general, the use of soap, there will be some water, and if placed directly in the soap box, the soap box will also come out of a lot of soapy water. So we can use a baijie cloth as a cushion, but also absorb the water from the soap, in this way, it will be very clean.

Similarly, soap can be put in this way.


3. Pull nails

There are nails on the metope of part family, but when wanting to pull out, someone is afraid of leaving an impression on metope, so we can use 100 clean cloth as a soft cushion, such words, had a very good protection to metope, when pulling out nail, easily ream.

4. Remove the fluff

The clothes we wear at ordinary times, or the soft installation of furniture, if there is fluffy, may also be ugly, then we can use baijie cloth to clean, the effect is also good.

Similarly, some people have paper inside their clothes when they wash them, but they don’t know it. After washing the clothes, they find that the clothes are full of paper scraps. Then we can also use baijie cloth to help clean them.

5, clean the window frame gutter

Inside the gutter of the window frame, after a long time, it will be easy to have dirty things, but it is not very easy to clean, so we can cut the cloth into the gutter, and then clean, it is more convenient.

6. Clean the shutter door and shutter

The shoe ark of partial family, or what the window USES is shutter door window, this kind of door window is very troublesome when cleaning, because this is decorating when, a lot of owner is not willing to use this kind of door window to decorate. In fact, we can use baijie cloth to clean, cut baijie cloth, so that you can add louvers for cleaning, very convenient.


So, there are a lot of different USES for This, but you didn’t find it, but after the introduction, do you find it useful?


Post time: Jul-03-2020