What is the principle of kitchen clean sponge and characteristic

Sponge cleaning needs only water, no detergent, super decontamination, time saving, labor saving, convenient, gently scrub can remove stains.

The high-density cleaning sponge is quite different from the traditional cleaning method. The product adopts the mechanism of physical decontaminating and wipes with the nanocapillary opening structure in the sponge

The process automatically adsorbs the aged dirt on the surface of the material, like countless super micro vacuum cleaners in the work, just need water, no detergent can easily remove the dirt. clean

Sponge has 99.9% natural antibacterial effect, does not contain chemical cleaning agent, non-toxic harmless, super effective, does not hurt hands, is both economic and environmental characteristics of the product.

Clean sponge does not hurt material surface, skin, no residue, is an environmental protection product. Cleaning sponges can be arbitrarily cut into different sizes to facilitate different items or ranges

Use, clean sponge is very simple to use, as long as it contains enough water, like an eraser, can remove dirt.

Usually the size is 120*90*30MM piece, also can be customized according to your size.


1. The new product only needs water to be made of ultrafine fiber and particles, which USES the physical principle to clean and fight bacteria. It is a featured product of economy and environmental protection.

2, can effectively clean accumulated tea dirt, dirt, scale, soap, oil stains, hard smooth surface (such as ceramics, mirror, glass, stainless steel), can play a good decontamination effect.

3, no damage to the material surface, no damage to the skin, no residue, is an environmentally friendly product.

4, can be cut into different sizes, easy to use, and affordable.

5. The product can adsorb all kinds of dirt on the sponge


Post time: Sep-15-2020