What is the most overlooked piece of cleaning knowledge in our daily life?

In our daily life, some unhealthy habits are always reflected in the small details, for the health of this problem say a few days also say not over, here simply say some of the knowledge of the toilet, after all the modern “toilet” is really too unhealthy. Our last toilet probably needs the following steps, you can compare each link, see if you have mastered the correct toilet cleaning posture.


1. They also want to wash your hands before we were education to the toilet to wash their hands at an early age, but a lot of people ignored the importance of washing hands before, go to the bathroom before hand bacteria pollution to toilet paper, especially in some special circumstances, such as public toilets, we just contact the doorknob hand, contact with the above bacteria, underwear or skin and then contact us immediately, so it’s easy to let the virus bacteria. If you’re a woman, wash your hands before changing pads.


2 toilet paper does not wipe clean residues although you have a pair of clean hands, but I’m sorry to tell you, usually use toilet paper is simply not able to wipe the fecal residues, and then clean toilet paper, also only wipe the progress, also can not change the fecal virus in the body residual this fact. Want to compare thoroughly clean toilet hind remain, pass wash water only this kind of means, a lot of families installed now clean wash beautiful, the toilet lid of this kind of intelligence is collected clean dry sterilization is in an organic whole, of course the price is not poor also, to toilet supply conduit structure, the model of closestool also has a requirement, common family cannot be popularized completely. A more eclectic approach is wet toilet paper. For example, Kleenser has launched home and portable wet-wipe toilet paper. Wet-wipe can effectively remove the dirt that ordinary toilet paper can’t wipe off. The built-in physical antibacterial function can also reduce the residual bacteria. The ingredients of wet toilet paper are mild and can be used by the elderly, children and women in the home.


It is far from enough to choose a good toilet paper. Many people are used to throwing toilet paper into the toilet basket after using it. However, each toilet paper is contaminated with a little feces, and the sum of a pile of toilet paper is just a pile of feces. If there is diarrhea in the home, The Times of defecation soar, the virus in excrement and urine will be more, the waste basket will become a breeding ground for the virus. Toilet paper in the toilet paper basket, such as not timely processing. Not only can pollute the environment in the home, and can become the source of infection of the virus. So run out of toilet paper is best directly into the toilet, in addition to very old area narrow pipes, toilet outside force is insufficient, the majority of the force of the toilet can be washed out of toilet paper pulp do, so we in choosing a family with a wet toilet paper also pay attention to the choice of natural wood pulp ingredients such as kleenex, not blocking drains. Of course, it’s best to keep a covered wastepaper basket in your old neighborhood and empty the toilet regularly.


4. Close the toilet seat when flushing. The last link is the most widely ignored, the toilet is now a lot of families is set in the wash gargle, if the flush toilet cover open, moments of cyclone highest germs can be inside the toilet or microbes to 6 meters high in the air, and floating in the air for a few hours, and then fell on the wall and toothbrush, gargle, towel. So in order not to wipe the bacteria in the toilet onto the face and into the mouth, when flushing the toilet, it is best to cover the toilet seat.

Post time: Aug-20-2020