What is the function and use method of baijie cloth?

(1) Store a lot of cleaning and maintenance agents through dense voids;

(2) through a certain tenacity of the fiber to friction building decoration materials surface grime.

The primary object of cleaning and maintenance of baijie cloth is the hard appearance of sanitary ceramics, glass and other building decoration materials.

It should be noted that the hardness of baijie cloth fiber must be lower than the appearance of the cleaned building decoration materials, otherwise it will damage the appearance of the building decoration materials.

The usage of baijie cloth is as follows:

(1) to remove large area of grime, the palm can be used to press the whole piece of 100 clean cloth, back and forth push and pull scrub;

(2) to remove stubborn grime, can resist the local scrubbing finger cloth, to increase the scrubbing power of the cloth;

(3) about the small pit inside the grime and the corner bearing grime, can be 100 clean cloth fold, constitute a cone, with its conical tip part deep into the grime scrub;

(4) The cleaning cloth should be swabbed at the same time, immersed in the cleaning and maintenance agent solution, to absorb the detergent;

The use of baijie cloth should not be too hard, so as not to make baijie cloth elastic fiber lose elasticity, also simply damaged by the clean maintenance of the building decoration materials appearance;

6) After using baijie cloth, should rinse clean, do not wring dry, natural dripping dry had better, this method can maintain the flexibility of baijie cloth fiber and baijie cloth dense gap.


Post time: Oct-19-2020