Wash the POTS and wash the dishes

Do you know how to wash the dishes? Can you really wash the POTS and pans? Washing dishes is a daily occurrence in our daily life. However, if not able to normal washing, a long time will seriously harm to health. The occurrence of all diseases is related to the small habits and details in daily life. We must form good habits. The following introduction to wash the pot and wash the dishes to pay attention to what, I hope to help you.


One, often use detergent. In fact, dishes such as porridge and cold dishes are cleaned with water before they are dried. In the past, when dishwashing liquid was not available, people usually washed the dishes with hot water and rice soup, which was gentle and environmentally friendly. Hot water reduces the viscosity of the oil, making it easy to wash away. The starch in rice and noodle soups can be combined with oil to remove the viscosity. If the oil stains on the chopsticks are very heavy, you can use alkaline heating water to wash them. However, if alkali damages the skin, it is recommended to wear gloves.


Note 2. Dishwashing liquid is not diluted. Some people often complain that the bowl is not always smooth rinsing clean, this is mostly because the detergent is not rinsed, will bring bad effects to human health. Before washing the bowl, it is recommended to add a few drops of dishwashing liquid diluted in half a bowl of water, each time with a dishcloth dipped in a small amount of scrub can be.


Note three, the bowl chopsticks pot does not control water. After washing chopsticks, should control the water to dry, do not wipe with a rag, so as to avoid microbial reproduction. If afraid of iron pot rust, after washing should use kitchen paper to blot up the water. In addition, also pay attention to, after washing the dishes be sure to wash the sink and surrounding countertops clean. Otherwise, the pool would be an excellent site for microbial cross-contamination.


Four, after the meal the dishes fold together. Greasy dishes piled on top of each other, will only create mutual pollution, so that scrub work doubled. After the meal to the bowl and plate classification, no oil and oil points open, the first brush no oil, after the brush with oil. In addition, bowls for raw meat should be separated from bowls for cooked food, fruits and vegetables, and dishcloth should also be separated. Wash the bowls for cooked food first, then the bowls for raw meat.


Note five, can not timely wash the pot wash dishes. The longer you leave the bowl, the harder it is to brush, especially in the summer. If you leave it to your next meal, the food will ferment and create a peculiar smell. So, wash the dishes as soon as the water is dry, and wash the wok as soon as the dish is Fried. While the bottom of the wok is still a little hot, add some warm water and the oil will rinse off easily. It is important to note that for a non-stick pot, do not immediately with a large amount of cold water to heat the pot, because heat expansion and contraction of the surface damage coating.


Summary. Investigation findings; The dirtiest place in a home is not the toilet, but the kitchen. So don’t underestimate the small details of life. Because the occurrence of a lot of diseases is not a pinch and it is because of daily accumulation slowly, disease comes from mouth!

Post time: Jun-03-2020