Teach you how to use the cleaning ball properly

Cleaning POTS and pans is a daily chore for long-term householders. Many people think that cleaning these things with a cleaning ball is very humble, but do not underestimate it, in fact there is a lot of knowledge in this process. Like the cleaning ball we often use today is more stainless steel, this kind of cleaning ball is also easy to rust, when there is rust can not be used to clean dishes. And the clean ball of stainless steel cannot be used for a long time, the bacteria inside one side remains harmful to the body. The usage of 1 should be changed every two months or so, which is healthy. Below the circumstance that does not rust in clean ball, if be used to scrub lampblack machine, hearth and ceramic tile to wait a moment, cannot scrub pan bowl again.


If used to clean aluminum appliances, should be gently wiped, and the interior of the utensils with a soft cloth scrub. When the surface of the vessel oil dirty is very heavy, it is necessary to use steel wire cleaning ball, 1 good after brushing clean heat on a small fire for a few minutes, so that the surface of alumina protective layer. This not only protects the vessel, but also prevents the chemical reaction between the acid and base substances and aluminum, which may affect the body’s health. General steel wire cleaning ball in the cleaning oil very heavy utensils, will become dirty, use the effect is very bad. At this time, we can put it on the fire to roast, and when it cools, shake off the residue can be clean as new. It is important to note that the baked ball should not be put into cold water immediately, otherwise it will become brittle and affect the effect of use.


Post time: Sep-28-2020