How to clean the bathroom

When cleanness toilet, alone is the clean that can see besmirch of exterior naked eye is simple clear is far from enough, still should look for right method, to each corner inside the bathroom stops a depth of clean, ability lets him have a clean and pure and fresh wash bath environment.

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Want to wipe the besmear of appearance of faucet first, can take neuter cleaner to spray on soft cotton cloth next quietly wipe faucet, once a week. Then use a spanner to twist off the bubbling net at the outlet, and clean up the accumulated sand grains or other dirt in the net. Do not use acid or the cleaner that has abrasive action, steel wire brush comes “torment” faucet.

Shower head:

After nozzle stain clearing clean appearance, unscrewed the nozzle with forceps and ShuiGuanChu interface, will be the inside of the filter is clean, liquidation sprinkler water not, use a needle when each small outlet a hardness, if sharp tip compare, and no patient use brute force to dredging, is likely to damage outlet, cause water direction changes. Shower nozzle used time to grow can give water not free, usually because of scale accumulation. You can also remove the shower nozzle and soak it in vinegar for two hours. After taking it out, brush off the softened lime scale with a toothbrush.


The downhole is the most fouling, bacteria-breeding center. If do not try to be reckoned regularly, not only produce peculiar smell easily, and time grew to still can hair twine infarct to bring about enter water speed to slow.

When cleaning, can wear rubber gloves, with a screwdriver to pick up floor drain, first with tweezers clip out the wound hair and other sundry, and then with steel wire ball with special cleaning agent to be cleared, then with steel wire ball will be under the water outlet shade local to be cleared, all clean end, the floor drain installed.


Bright mirrors and Windows become blurred by watermarks from close contact with water. Can use the vitreous cleaner of spray-type to spray a big X on a piece of glass, fold the dishcloth that wring dry next good, brush a circle along a direction, wait until vitreous 7 minutes when dry, wipe with dry cloth again. You can also use old newspapers to wipe, paper ink can keep the glass bright, but also can wipe away stubborn dirt.



Put proper amount of water in closestool first, after taking closestool brush to clean, pour again about 5-10 milliliter cleaner or saline solution, brush after besmear with brush average, if bilge is heavier, can pour a few cleaner to undertake scrub after soaking again, till clean, flush with clear water next can.

Bathtub: Cleaning method

Vinegar base: dip the base cloth in vinegar, then cover the base with vinegar and let it rest overnight. The next morning, mix baking soda and vinegar into a paste, and then dip the paste into a toothbrush to clean the area.

Old newspaper is wiped: with newspaper wipe bath crock can divide old accumulate dirt, also can use clean cloth or bristle brush dip in a dot to wipe quietly, reoccupy clear water rinses.

Special cleaning agent can not only effectively remove the common soap and lime scale on the outside of the bathtub, but also have special effects on the aged yellow scale which is difficult to remove, saving time and effort and no damage to the outside of the bathtub.

If infarct, can go water valve is closed first, put the tap water of right amount next in bath crock; Place the rubber absorber (for dredging the toilet) on the drain valve; Suppress overflow holes in basins or bathtubs while turning over water removal valves; Then quickly absorb up and down, suck dirt or hair out, timely liquidation. In severe cases of infarction, repeat several times until dredged and clean.

Bathroom cabinet:

Usually to often use soft cloth to dust, can touch some detergent to dust, avoid using dry cloth wipe, so as not to wipe flowers; Avoid direct flush with water, so as to avoid the formation of water corrosion.

Appearance if have besmirch, prevent to use alcohol, benzine or other chemical solvent is removed, had better use neuter cleaner, toothpaste is very good decontamination article. Do not wipe vigorously with a rag. About woodiness cabinet put oneself in another’s position, wait after moisture volatilizes, can besmear on original place a few smooth wax, grind stealthily next wipe a few times in order to form maintenance film. In the soap, cleanser, such as the bottom of the best pad a cloth, adhere to clean. If the detergent comes out accidentally, it’s best to clear it out immediately.


Ceramic basin for a long time to use, easy to accumulate dirt, can apply the slice of lemon, scrub basin appearance, for a minute to rinse with water, can become bright. Assume the stain is stubborn and can be bleached with peace. Clean glass basin can not use boiling water, clean cloth, steel brush, strong alkaline washing agent, hard sharp objects. Introduce the use of pure cotton cloth, neutral washing agent, glass clean water to stop cleaning, such ability adhere to durable bright as new. Stainless steel basin cleaning maintenance only needs to use water or detergent, such as slightly clean wipe, can be clean as new.


Post time: Jun-16-2020