How often should the wire ball be changed?

As one of the common cleaning products in our daily life, the steel wire ball is one of its characteristics, and the plastic steel ball that has been eliminated is also because the ability to clean is not strong. How often should we replace the wire ball in my daily use? Wire ball manufacturers to answer:


In fact, the replacement time of the wire ball does not have the specified time, but the cleaning ball itself dirty or blunt surface does not have the cleaning function can be changed, after all, cleaning is its main “work”.


Steel wire ball is a kind of kitchen clean appliance that family must have now, general its quality stand or fall can affect its use directly. Therefore, it is suggested that the quality of steel wire ball processing can be identified from the following two aspects:


First of all, the raw materials: there is a stainless steel wire ball is pure copper wire, generally speaking, are copper alloy. There is also a kind of stainless steel wire ball, that is, copper wire plated, in theory, copper wire cleaning ball probably does not rust, but due to the constraints of wire ball drawing machine production process, copper wire cleaning ball anti rust function is far less than galvanized steel wire ball.


Secondly, there is no magnetic wire ball stainless steel wire is the first stainless steel and stainless steel, the most simple difference method is to clean the ball on the magnetic. General magnets can suck up is not rust iron clean ball, commonly known as rust silk; Magnets do not pull up is the stainless steel ball.


Post time: Dec-11-2020