Cleaning sponge characteristics and scope of application

Cleaning sponge characteristics

1. The new product only needs water to be made of ultrafine fiber and particles, which USES the physical principle to clean and fight bacteria. It is a featured product of economy and environmental protection.

2, can effectively clean accumulated tea dirt, dirt, scale, soap, oil stains, hard smooth surface (such as ceramics, mirror, glass, stainless steel), can play a good decontamination effect.

3, no damage to the material surface, no damage to the skin, no residue, is an environmentally friendly product.

4, can be arbitrarily cut into different sizes, easy to use, and affordable.

5. The product can adsorb all kinds of dirt on the sponge

Applicable scope of cleaning sponge

1. Pottery and porcelain: dishes, tableware, tea sets, toilet seats, bathtubs, mop pools, urinals, mosaics, tiles and other stains.

2. Electrical appliances: TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, electric fans, rice cookers, disinfecting cupboards and other stains.

3. Surface stains of office equipment such as desk, computer (keyboard), printer, copier, fax machine, telephone, pen, ink, etc.

4. Leather products: Automobile and its interior decoration, leather furniture, sofa, leather bags, travel shoes and other stains, after cleaning, need leather lubricant for maintenance.

5. Glass products: door and window glass, decorative glass, vases, lamps and lanterns stains.

6. Plastic products: stains of plastic tables and chairs, plastic Windows, shower rooms, children’s toys, plastic slippers, plastic garbage cans, etc.

7. Hardware products: locks, switch sockets, wires, cutters and other stains please remember that when using the “Clean wipe” to remove the above stains, you only need to use water, do not need any detergent.


Post time: Nov-09-2020