Clean the kitchen cleaning cloth and other supplies

Each family there is always a dish cloth, this is a must-have in wash family, and every day the tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances in the kitchen “closest” contact, always in the kitchen cleaning products such as microfiber cloth to wash tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances after cleaning the tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, how to wash wool cloth, maybe in another a microfiber cloth to wash, and then washed this, so, when washing, to how to properly clean wool cloth washing products, such as our company is professional and technical personnel for family now commonly used five cleaning cloth for cleaning methods:

1, baijie cloth, made of nylon, polypropylene silk plus adhesive. Although wiping cutlery effect is better, but because it is with chemical fiber it is qualitative material, wipe for a long time, a few fine chemical fiber in dishcloth can stick on cutlery, can consume so faster. Usually after using it, wash it with clean water or soak it in boiling water for a few minutes, wring it out and put it in a ventilated place to dry;

2, is to use white towel or face mask and other cotton fabric when dishcloth, cleaning effect is very good, after all, cotton material absorbency is strong, it is easy to be infected with oil, become slippery, placed for a long time, is the “hotbed” of mold, and for cotton dishcloth is best to use alkali water to boil, after twisting and put ventilation place sai dry;

3. It is a rubber cotton dishwashing cloth, which looks like a sponge, but is actually composed of polyvinyl alcohol polymer materials. It is more flexible, anti-corrosion and water-absorbing, and usually needs to be washed with water. Sponge dishcloth with good water absorption is very difficult to clean thoroughly, so it is best to put in microwave oven every week to sterilize 1 — 2 times;

4, is a pure wood fiber dishcloth, has a strong hydrophilic and oily discharge, suitable for washing oil pot, pan. When washing the cloth with too much detergent, is a better dish cloth;

5, towel gourd pulp wash dishes. Loofah, pure natural, pollution-free, easy to remove oil and alkali, more suitable for cleaning iron pot, spatula. But the loofah room is large, food residue will stick to it, it is difficult to clean, wash with a lot of water, and then put ventilation exposure, in order to prevent mold.


Our professional and technical personnel said that cleaning dishcloth with detergent is not scientific practice. Dishwashing liquid can have the effect of cleanness only and cannot kill the bacterium on dishcloth, the best method is to be put in boiled water to boil 4 or 5 minutes, or use microwave oven to sterilize, also can be put under the sun for a long time insolate in order to achieve the effect that eliminate bacterium to kill poison.


Post time: Sep-01-2020