Clean the ball which is good, clean the ball correctly use instructions

The cleaning ball is a round ball-mounted cleaning tool that cleans hard dirt from kitchen utensils. The ball is more convenient to use than the spotless ball. In addition to can be used on pot bowl gourd ladle basin, still can be used in hearth, ceramic tile, floor and so on many place, where have bilge to be used where, it is housewife people indispensable good helper. What clean ball also is a thing that consumes very fast in the kitchen, how to grow its use cycle from qualitative material and use method.

 Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball


Most stains can be dealt with in the kitchen with a dishcloth, and more stubborn cleaning agents can also be dealt with, so why do we need to use a cleaning ball? Above all because the grease in the kitchen is very heavy, need a few days only, bottom of boiler, hearth and corner can have besmirch solidify become firm stubborn dirty, dishcloth can be washed at all, and always use cleaner cost is too high again. And rags had better be dedicated to cleaning dishes, because these oil stains are easy to cotton cloth residual dirt, leading to bacteria breeding, very unsanitary. Therefore, we need to use a quick and efficient cleaning ball to deal with these stubborn stains.

 fiber ball

There are two kinds of cleaning ball from the material, the first is plastic material cleaning ball, the second is steel material cleaning ball. The plastic cleaning ball is made of natural rubber, silica gel, rubber and plastic, PU, etc. Its advantages are soft and does not hurt hands, rust or scratch the surface of kitchen utensils and appliances. Its disadvantages are that the cleaning power is not strong enough, easily deformed and durable enough. The main material of steel wire cleaning ball is high zinc wire and stainless wire, the style has two kinds of winding ball and braided shape. Steel wire ball has the advantages of strong stain removal and durability. The disadvantage is that will scratch the surface of the metal kitchen utensils and appliances, winding the ball will drop slag. It is recommended to use the fine woven steel ball.



No matter what kind of cleaning ball is used, because of its structural shape, dirt can easily get inside the cleaning ball. So before using the ball, remove large pieces of dirt from the surface of the kitchen utensils and then use the ball. This will make it easier to clean and will also keep the ball clean. In case of stubborn dirt and rust, it can be cleaned by gently scrubbing with detergent with a clean ball, without rough scrubbing. It will scratch the surface of delicate kitchen utensils and appliances, which will greatly affect the appearance. It is best to prepare two cleaning balls, one for cleaning the interior of kitchen utensils, and one for scrubbing the stove, tile and floor. Undifferentiated use can easily lead to cross-infection and is very unhygienic.

Post time: Jul-10-2020