Can you wash the China bowls with a white clean cloth?

Walk into a supermarket, the porcelain tableware with each different color and pattern on the shelf will attract the eye of many people. But when people buy, take a fancy to its beautiful appearance and bright color only however, ignore among them health hidden danger. Baijie cloth factory home to give you a popular science!

Glaze color production cost is lower, glaze color is safer. Long-term use of glazed tableware made of vinegar, vegetables and other foods with high organic acid content, heavy metals will enter the human body together, and over time will cause chronic heavy metal poisoning, immune decline, and blood system diseases.

Remind everybody, when buying pottery and porcelain tableware, should notice above all whether mark on tableware factory name, executive standard to wait; Next want to feel with the hand, see whether the inner wall is smooth, whether there is craze, convex concave inequality; Also, smell if there is an odor. It is important to note, do not choose bright and dark color tableware, with flowers inside the best do not buy.

After buying porcelain qualitative tableware, the proposal USES boiling water to boil tableware first 5 minutes, boiled water can have the action of antiseptic, put in the vinegar of room temperature again next soak 1-2 hours, because pottery and porcelain is encountered when acid material, can precipitate a few have poison. Do not trust tableware, usable vinegar is soaked a few hours, if discover color change is obvious, should abandon use.

When cleaning pottery and porcelain tableware, want to use soft dishcloth, and 100 clean cloth, decontamination powder easy wipe delimit tableware surface, suffer pollution more easily, had better not choose. At the same time, try not to put acid, oily, alkaline food for a long time in use, especially do not put the porcelain tableware containing more oil in the microwave oven to heat, in case of precipitation out of toxic substances. If placed in the microwave oven, avoid metal decorations, such as gold-rimmed, silver-rimmed or porcelain tableware with gold paper, wire, wire inlaid patterns.

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Post time: Jun-24-2020